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Tinda/apple gourd has antibacterial properties.Tinda/apple gourd helps in maintaining digestive heal..

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Baby Potato / KG

Baby potatoes are the potatoes which are removed from the soil before they are fully ..

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Beetroot/PER KG

Lower Your Blood Pressure. Drinking beet juice may help to lower blood pressure in a matter of hours..

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Karela Juice Benefits for Health:Diabetes: Bitter gourd has multiple health benefits. ...Cancer: If ..

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Bottle Gourd Round/KG

Promotes Weight Loss: ...Helps Digestion And Treats Constipation: ...Provides Cooling Effect: ...Tre..

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Bottle Gourd/KG(لوکی)

Top 8 Health Benefits Of Lauki Juice:Promotes Weight Loss: ...Helps Digestion And Treats Constipatio..

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Cabbage / Per Kg

9 Impressive Health Benefits of CabbageCabbage Is Packed With Nutrients. ...It May Help Keep Inflamm..

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Capsicum / Per Kg

Some of the health benefits of bell peppers are given below:Good for Eyes: ...Burns more Calories: ...

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Carrot / Per Kg

If consuming carrots in raw form does not appeal to you, bear in mind that drinking carrot juice car..

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Cauliflower / Per Kg

Top 8 Health Benefits of CauliflowerHelps Reduce Cancer Risk.Fights Inflammation.Decreases Risk for ..

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Cluster Beans / kg

Full of Nutrients: Gawar beans are a very good way of obtaining proteins along with solubl..

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Colocasia (اروی)/KG

Taro Benefits: Both the Root and Leaves Can Do Wonders for Your Health. Taro root's benefits come fr..

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Coriander / Per Pcs

8 Health Benefits of Coriander SeedsLower Blood Sugar. ...Ease Digestive Discomfort. ...Decrease Blo..

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Corn / Per Kg

Being a good source of antioxidant carotenoids, such as luteinand zeaxanthin, ye..

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