Infant Formula

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Meiji - Meiji Powder Milk FM-T 900g

Meiji powder Milk FM-T Includes Milk-phospholipids to promote generation of DHA in the body. It also..

Rs_1,570 Ex Tax: Rs_1,570

Meiji - Meiji Powder Milk FU 900g

Meiji Powder Milk FU is Fortified with DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). It also Includes Milk-phospholipi..

Rs_1,670 Ex Tax: Rs_1,670

Morinaga - Morinaga BF-1 Infant formula (0 month) - 900g

Morinaga BF-1 is specially formulated for newborn babies to help them grow faster and stronger. Alwa..

Rs_1,682 Ex Tax: Rs_1,682

Nido - NESTLE NIDO 3+ (3-5 years) (1.8kg Tin)

At the age of 3, your child starts to go to school to learn and interacts with other children. Nido ..

Rs_2,745 Ex Tax: Rs_2,745